Enter items using Voice Entry!

Have you heard?! You can now enter your items using your smartphone! It's fast and easy! Just log into our website with your consignor id and choose Voice Entry under the Add an Item heading. Be sure to listen to some of the examples of how it works, then click the microphone button on your keypad to get started. It's that easy and our consignors are loving it!

We no longer accept checks.

We no longer be accepting CHECKS for payment at the event. Other forms of payment will be accepted including cash and debit/credit cards (We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. We DO NOT accept American Express.)

We accept nursery and children's furniture.

We accept nursery and children's furniture items. (Due to the recall on cribs, we will not be able to accept any cribs manufactured before June 2011.)

Continuing This Sale

Super Mom Shopping!

We have a special volunteer shift called a Super Mom. To qualify for a Super Mom shift, a mom (or dad) works 3 shifts in the store (anytime during our 16 day event). Super Moms may share one of their shifts with their mom or spouse and still qualify for the Super Mom early shopping pass. Super Mom shopping is Friday Night before Pre-Sale at 6pm.

Bar-Code Pick-Up!

Simply pick-up your printed labels and label (sticker) your string tags in the comfort of your own home! Ensure the bar-code is all on one side... if you bend the bar-code, it will not scan. AND we will still GUARANTEE YOUR ITEMS if you bring them in numerical order! To print your own labels, you must have a COLOR printer AND you must follow the printing instructions once you FINISH a batch. Labels that are not printed correctly will have to be re-labeled in store during drop off.

We ♥ Moms-to-Be! Please be a special guest at our event and shop early at our Private Pre-Sale!

If you or a friend is a mom-to-be, Click on Moms-to-Be and sign up for a Special Guest Pass to attend our Guests Only Sale. Just register and supply us with your baby's due date. Congratulations on your new baby! You may use this pass to attend both the Private Pre-Sale Event and the Private Half Price Pre-Sale Shopping Event, and you may bring one guest with you. This pass may be printed or you may show it on your mobile phone.

Consignor Item Limit!

In order to keep our inventory high-end and of the highest quality, we are limiting consignors to 150 items per consignor code. Please carefully check your things and bring your best! It is our experience that a consignor who brings 125 great items will do better than a consignor who brings 175 items that are poor quality, out-of-date, and/or priced too high. An entire outfit is only considered one item as long as it can be sold together. This new limit encompasses clothing, shoes, toys, books, furniture and other items. **If you have more than 150 items in EXCELLENT condition, you may open up additional codes. Each code will be subject to the $9 consignor fee and 150 items may be entered for each code you open.